Fun fact #4: I am never calm. I usually look calm on the outside, but on the inside I’m this fiery inferno of rage and torment just waiting to be unleashed. On a bad day, this guy at cub decided to yell at me for him shoving his cart in front of me, and after he said, “You dumbass”. I flipped my shit onto the floor and started cussing him out and I flipped over his cart and started to kick the living shit out of, what I think was, his bacon and ringed bolongne. Long story short, I’m always angry so don’t piss me off because I cannot control myself.

Fun fact #3: This one girl, not naming names, she pissed me off so much, because of certain things not to be said, that I was about ready to go over to her house and beat and claw the living hell out of her, but I decided I’m not bout that women beating life so I just didn’t do it.

Fun fact #2: if I’m nervous around you, it either means, A: I have a lot of pent up rage inside of me waiting to just explode and I want to kill you or want to watch you kill yourself slowly or B: I like you. Haha, Most likely the first one since I only like one girl right now, and I’m a wreck in English every day xD

Fun fact #1: whenever I don’t blink. I’m thinking of something that normal people would find incredibly disturbing. Whenever my eyes are shut. I’m either trying to calm myself down, or I’m trying not to punch you in your stupid face.

The silence is deafening my heart
I examine my scars
Losing my mind wondering just what we are…
Questions, problems, answers, I’ve got none
Halestorm - “I bleed” (via rainbow-death)

So okay. I am so into halestorm right now, I just read all of their history on Wikipedia and a lot of books from the library and I’m prolly in love with this band. Every album in the future and past is going on my card.